If there is a space in your home that can end up making the most of Arab decoration, that is undoubtedly the bedroom. The Arab bedrooms have a special charm, which help make it the ideal space to relax. There are many ideas to decorate an Arab style room; some very sophisticated, others more elegant, others more comfortable ... Throughout this article, we will reveal the secrets of Arab bedrooms so that you can have the one of your dreams!

An Arab bedroom, a dream place

  Decorating an Arab room in your house means creating a perfect space in which to rest and completely forget about problems. A space for perfect rest, combined with decorative elements that favor to forget about stress and problems. First of all, you must choose what Arab decoration you want for the bedroom, because as you will have seen in images there are luxurious decorations to make it seem that your bedroom looks like a sultan's room to a simpler one. Having made it clear, it's time to get to work!

The characteristics of an Arab bedroom

Are you going to decorate an Arab room without stopping first to read what their characteristics are? Before making a decision you have to be well informed!  

Textiles are the stars

Perhaps the ones that have more prominence in this space are the textiles. Rugs, cushions, blankets, sheets, curtains ... they will be the ones who send in your Arab style bedroom! So you have to choose them carefully.

An explosion of colors

If there is a reason to distinguish the Arab bedrooms, it is for to use infrequent colors, as we will explain a little more below. However, there are options to use simpler colors, to get modern Arab bedrooms.

Good lighting

Despite the fact that such colorful elements are used, the Arab bedrooms end up being quite dark , which is why it is necessary to work for optimal lighting.

Painting the walls and choosing the floor

In an Arab room you have to be very careful when choosing the color of the walls, as well as the type of floor. The lighting, the size of the room must be taken into account ... But, take it easy! So that you do not make mistakes, we are here.  

What is the best color for the walls?

Since the Arab bedrooms use such a colorful decoration, uses intense colors, with strong contrast and vibrant , such as orange, a shade of pink and red. These are combined with cooler tones such as violet and blue. Although you could paint all the Arab bedrooms in blue, and then introduce warmer colors with the textiles. Those would be the key colors of this decorative style. But don't you want the room to be recharged by such strong colors? Is small? In these last two cases, lighter and more natural colors such as beige, a cream tone or white are used on the walls, while the rest of the decorative accessories will be of a stronger color to provide that speck of color that you need. this style.


Wallpaper We could say that the use of wallpaper in Arab decoration is not very frequent. However, can help bring an "original" touch to the decor of the rooms in your home. For example, choose a wallpaper with a pattern that is reminiscent of one thousand and one night , or that is related to the world of the east; with shapes and a pretty eye-catching pattern. Of course, the wallpaper is only going to be used on one wall, generally on the head of the bed. Putting such a showy one in the whole room would be annoying to the eye.


You may have already noticed that in the Arab decoration gives much importance to the tiles with geometric shapes and the hydraulics. Well, these can also be used in an Arab room. You can put tiles on the headboard wall, half-tiled or part of one of the bedroom walls, to add a little exotic touch to the bedroom decor. And the rest painted with a color that makes a little contrast. This way you will get a decoration in the dream Arab bedroom. Of course, this only do it in the bedroom of marriage. In the children's it does not look very good.

What is the best type of soil?

Since an Arab room is generally covered in rugs, the floor can be any style. You might as well choose a wood floor as a tile floor. Now, if you have opted for an Arab-style decoration for the bedroom a little more modern, the prominence of the rugs is not so much, so you will have to choose a good floor. These are usually in a slightly lighter shade to contrast with the vivid color of the walls. Or a dark tone if you have opted for cooler tones. Wood can do well to add warmth to the bedroom, plus it's nicer to step on than a cold tile. But, if you are going to choose to put iron decorations around the room, then better tile.

Anything on the ceiling?

You don't have to do anything on the roof if you don't want to. You can leave it smooth, at the most put some other molding in the corners . Now if it turns out that you have a big budget, could give you some little detail . For example, open a skylight, if you have your bedroom on the second floor, to see the stars at night, divide the ceiling by levels or fill it with shapes and figures. You could even put on the ceiling to make it look different ! Or, if you have money left over, and it is for your children's room, , why not put a beautiful mosaic that relaxes them every time they look up at the ceiling?

The lighting for an Arab bedroom

We move on to something important in Arab-style bedroom decor: lighting. Since so strong colors are often given priority, your bedroom may not have received as much light, so you'll have to work hard to keep the Arab room from being so dark. How? We will reveal it to you below!  

Natural lighting in an Arab bedroom

Surely you have searched the Internet for an image to see what an Arab room looks like, and you have come across that arched windows are used. They are beautiful? They are, but they are not very practical to let in sunlight. It is better to put a traditional window, in wood so that it fits a little with this style, and that it is not too showy. If you can open a large, floor-length window for yourself, can be adorned in some ways with a cast iron bar, so it has a special little charm and your Arab bedroom earns points. With this, you will gain enough natural light in the bedroom, something that you will be very grateful for, especially if it is small. To boost it, you already know that the best are the light and neutral tones, forgetting about those garish colors such as red, orange or blue.

Artificial lighting

Clearly, you're going to need good lighting in the bedroom, don't you think? Especially if you have not been able to take full advantage of natural lighting. Well, how do Arab bedroom lamps usually look like ? These are generally have a bronze finish, and iron lanterns that are geometrically decorated are usually used. There is also a lot of commitment, for the ceiling, to the lamps that have stained glass windows. Like these types of lamps, they do not seem to offer much light, and it is because their objective is to achieve a dim light, which helps to relax when you are in room . Also, combined with incense and scented candles, the rest will be much better. If you do not like these lamps, you can go for more modern ones, that have an iron base or a screen, so that they do not clash too much with the rest of the decoration. These types of lamps are perfect for decorating a small Arabian scroll room, because they do not require much light. But what about a big one? On the other hand, be aware that bed lamps are generally on the headboard wall, not on the bedside table. Of course there are slightly more modern options, such as ball-shaped lamps with cast iron lampshade or as a chandelier. These look great in large bedrooms.  

Arab Bedroom Furniture

Although you do not believe it because of the large number of things you see in the decoration images of Arab bedrooms, in these spaces there is not much furniture. There is only what is necessary and necessary for rest, since nothing else is needed. As we will detail in detail below.    


Surely in relation to the choice of bed right now you are a little confused. You will have seen that in most cases canopy beds are placed, thus surrounding these fabrics on all four sides of the place where you will sleep. Is it strictly necessary? No, this is generally done in a luxury Arab room. You can put a traditional bed, with a chest for storage space or with a bed base, to your liking. You don't need a canopy. There are other ways to give an Arabic touch to the decoration without resorting to this. Now, when it is for an Arab children's room, could be interesting to put a canopy that closes the bed , so that they feel like they are in a fairy tale.  

bedside tables

Something you should not worry about much, because the night tables in the decoration of Arab bedrooms are usually low-rise, with one or two drawers, in wood or iron, according to your personal taste. Since the Arabic style lamps will be on the headboard, you will have more than enough space to put objects on the table. Now, if you like something more traditional, and you are looking for a more modern Arab bedroom, is looking for slightly higher and straight bedside tables. They will be just as good, you'll see.  

The Wardrobe

Just as you are a little saddened by the taste that if you want to have a purely Arab bedroom, the wardrobe must be small, not very high and made of wrought iron , to be in balance with the bed and the other decorative elements. Now, if you have not decided to put a metal frame on the bed, and you are looking for something simpler for the bedroom, you could put a built-in wardrobe with beautiful sliding doors in a striking tone and with a distinctive pattern of the Arab style . It is not the case? Then you will have to buy an Arab style wardrobe for each one.  


Right now you may be a little confused with this. But it is just as we indicated in the title: in a Arab double bedroom you should not miss the low armchairs and the ethnic poufs, in slightly vibrant tones. This does not mean that you have to buy the largest, it will be enough with something simple to put in a corner of the room, thus gaining a seat to be able to change your shoes or when changing your clothes. Another option could be to buy a bench at the foot of the bed , upholstered with a striking and beautiful pattern.  

Any more storage space?

No, in a bedroom in the decoration of an Arab style bedroom one has to forget about the comfortable , the siphoners ... for this reason it is why we have recommended you to buy a bed with a chest or put a
built-in wardrobe . Otherwise, very soon you will find yourself without space to store your clothes.

The accessories to decorate an Arab room

Far from what it may seem, when decorating an Arab bedroom you should not go overboard with accessories. A recharged environment makes it uncomfortable and you don't rest well at night.  


wrought iron headboard Didn't you want to put a canopy on the bed? Very well, then you can take advantage of the headboard to put something striking. You can verify that, in the decoration of an Arab room, through the photos, usually puts a large iron headboard, with striking and showy shapes. This is usually a single piece, , and usually reaches the ceiling, almost looking like it merges with the wall. Now, we will give you the good news that can also put a wooden headboard a little lower , colorful, but with a touch a little easier.


We come to those who are the main protagonists when it comes to decorating an Arab room; textiles. is used a mixture of light and shiny fabrics with other more in-laws . For example, a good combination are sheets and a silk canopy with velvet curtains. So, is looking for a bed set that is beautiful and colorful, to fit well in your Arab bedroom, while curtains will have to be a little thick and have that special touch of velvet to the touch , with some huge ropes to tie to the sides. They can be combined with other curtains that are slightly thinner. It's time to take care of the cushions, which as you already know are a vital part of the Arab style. Although there should be a lot of shiny cushions and cushions, using colorful geometric prints, it will be a can every time you want to go to bed, right? Well put just three or four. Or create an area with an Arab seat on the floor where you can put several cushions to be comfortable. But don't go to bed. The same goes for carpets. You can put a large carpet that occupies the entire bed area, another one for the seating area, another one at the foot of the wardrobe ... But, all of you, have to have a pattern with geometric figures. Although lately rugs with smooth surfaces have become fashionable.

Some mirror

Mirrors look great in these spaces, and in a small Arabic style room will help make the space look a little bigger . Where to locate it? It can either be on the headboard, in a corner, a standing mirror or cover an entire wall with mirrors finished in an arch molding to give it a special charm.

Decorative objects?

You have already seen that they do not usually put extra furniture, such as wall shelves or shelves. Even so, you can take advantage of any small corner to put some other decorative object, such as bronze figures, hand-painted vases or some aromatic candle or incense.

Follow our tips to make your Arabic bedroom decoration look spectacular!

How to decorate an Arab room costs a lot to learn, but having read everything we have explained to you, you will have no problems. Besides, we are going to give you a series of tips to make it look spectacular.  

Don't overload the space

We have already commented on this, but we will repeat it again: an Arab bedroom should be simple and minimalist . As much as you see in images that looks like a loaded space, that will only be annoying when it comes to resting, so bet on a simple decoration.

A dream bedroom for your children

If you are lucky that the room where your children sleep is very large, why not make an Arab room for a story? It would not be very complicated: the canopy bed right in the center of the room, on a platform, and on the sides space to sit, the desk, the wardrobe ... From the whole room, the bed will become the main protagonist , and nobody will notice if the rest of the stay is a little easier.

Haven't you thought about using a couch?

If the bedroom is going to be for you alone, or you are going to use the Arab room to relax, you do not have to put a large one. We could put a sofa , something typical of the luxury Arab bedrooms, with many cushions and pillows, behind a large curtain. This will offer you a perfect space in which to rest. Does the double bedroom have a lot of space? Put the couch in any corner of it and you can lie down on it when you have to read a book or use the computer. You will appreciate it!

Can be a little more modern

No four-poster beds, nothing to do with geometric shapes ... You can enjoy the magic of the Arab style in the bedroom with a slightly more modern space. What must you do to achieve this combination?   Introduce any of the Arabic elements that we have mentioned to you , such as warm colors, carpets with geometric shapes, the headboard in cast iron ... With all this, you will get a very good space in which to rest. You will see!

Is there room for plants?

No, plants are not usually placed in Arab-style bedrooms. Although, if you want, you can always locate some on the window sill or on the nightstand. Having some nature in your bedroom decor never hurts.

And in a very small room? How to introduce this style?

As we have already mentioned, it is not necessary to have an ostentatious decoration to say that you have an Arab bedroom. If it is a small room, bets on neutral and light colors . To give it a special touch, bets above all on the beige . Then put on a regular bed, with a small, strikingly shaped wrought iron headboard, low bedside tables, and a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. It is important that you save space. Finally, geometric patterned fabrics on the bed and floor. And voila, you already have a small Arabic-style bedroom. You don't need much more! If you want the canopy, on the headboard wall you can hang curtains that fall through it, open , revealing a beautiful wall with some striking detail, like a small mosaic. And ready!

Saving on the decoration of an Arab bedroom

Right now you are already an expert on how to decorate an Arab style room. But there is something you are missing, and you know it very well: knowing how to save a little money on decoration, right? Well, we are going to show you now.  

Don't buy too many things

You will have seen that there are Arab rooms with a lot of things. But most of those objects and furniture are things you don't really need. Try to have a slightly minimalist Arab bedroom, and you will see how pleasant it is to sleep in it.

Try to be simple in decorating the walls

We would not be surprised if you had seen on the Internet the great work that some people have done decorating their Arab bedroom and right now you are thinking of doing the same, such as recessing the bed behind a small arched wall. Yes, it is very beautiful, but it is also expensive. Just as it is expensive to mosaic the walls, the ceiling ... You have to settle for cheaper options for now. In the future you can always add some decorative objects and details to the bedroom. Be patient!

What if someone has what you need?

You never know, but it's possible for someone else to sell what you need for your bedroom. Second-hand stores, both online and physical stores will be your main allies to save a large amount of money, which you can then spend on other things for the room.

Don't forget about the

outlet sections Do you really want to save? Visit often the outlet sections of the stores so that they have balance. The offers they make for furniture are much better than discounts and sales. Let there be no doubt! </