Did you end up deciding to have a romantic bedroom? It is a decorative style that in recent years has gained great weight in the interior design world, offering comfortable spaces as well as original ones. Is it difficult to create a romantic style bedroom? Of course not. Follow step by step everything that we are going to explain throughout this article and you will see how in a short time you have it ready.

A romantic bedroom… a dream space!

  For some, romantic bedrooms with period decor seem like something out of a fantasy world. This is one of the main reasons why they are so used for children and young people. To some extent, it can be a somewhat expensive decorative style. But everything is knowing what to look for and that suits your budget well. And that is what we are going to do throughout this article.

What are the characteristics of a romantic bedroom?

It is not the same to decorate romantic double bedrooms as youthful ones, because the difference in age will make you look for one thing or another for said space. However, the characteristics of this style do not change.  

The use of light and cheerful colors

Although neutral colors can be used, pastel shades are very important in the decoration of romantic bedrooms, which can be painted or painted on the walls.

Shapes and reliefs

Through the furniture you have to introduce curved shapes and depth, which will give a Victorian touch to the decoration of your bedroom.

The Importance of Textiles

Textiles, as you will see a little below, are of vital importance, as they help create a cozy atmosphere in the decoration of romantic bedrooms. Then we will explain how to get the most out of them.

Iron and wood, the two main protagonists

Clearly, the bedroom furniture will have to be wood, but you have to find a way to get the iron and steel in. A little further down we will give you some tips to do it.

Working with the walls and floor of a romantic

bedroom We are going to work on what will be one of the most complicated parts of this space: choosing what you want to use for the walls and the floor. Luckily for you, we are here to advise you.  

What is the best color for the walls?

Have you been looking for ideas for romantic bedroom decoration and you are still not clear about what would be the best color option for your home? It may take a while to decide, because there are many factors to consider; the size of the room, its lighting ... and, above all, who will use the room. If we talk about painting the walls of a romantic double bedroom, try to choose a pastel color for this if your room has a lot of natural light . Pink, orange, peach ... some variety in this color, which are relaxing. That the space is small and you don't think it can fit well? In that case, try a more neutral color, as a pink color, a pearl gray or a very light white tone with light tints of black, but without becoming gray. These colors will help make the space appear larger. And if it is not very light, they will increase the power of the little natural light that enters through the window. What paint is for decorating your children's youth bedrooms? You can do the same that we have explained to you; pastel shades if medium size with plenty of natural light or neutral shades if slightly smaller . What may change a bit is that for a girl you can bet on a shade more pink or an orange mixed with pink or purple . If it is for a little girl, that combination will delight you, do not hesitate.

The use of

wallpaper Doesn't that much convince you of romantic bedrooms in pastel colors? Nor that the walls look so smooth and bland? What you need is a bedroom whose walls are dressed with wallpaper. This will allow to play a bit with colors, being able to choose a wallpaper with a gray background and with shapes in a silver glitter or with gold tints. You can also use something simpler, as a white background wallpaper with images of flowers with bluish, green or pink tints . For your children's room, look for a simpler wallpaper, with floral or bird motifs. Now, on which walls to use wallpaper? If the wallpaper has a dark background, use it only on the headboard wall, choosing a similar color to paint the rest of the walls. If it's in a light shade on all walls, as long as the room is a good size and the layout is fairly simple. Another option is for to buy a wallpaper that matches the bedding, which you will see is not difficult to find in stores, in which case you can use the wallpaper on a single wall, ceiling or at the entrance of the bedroom, if to enter it you have to go through a small individual hallway.

Wooden ceiling beams

It is a decorative option that you can bet on to give it a touch of charm when decorating a romantic bedroom in your home. Put some beams, that cross the room from one side to the other , painted in wood or in a pink tone. In a romantic double bedroom they look great if they are finished in a dark tone, which helps to make a little contrast . Of course, keep in mind that this can only be done in the event that the ceiling of your house is high .

The floor in a romantic bedroom

What type of flooring can you put in a romantic bedroom? If you have been looking for romantic bedroom ideas, you have probably come across many that recommend you put carpet. It is an option, of course. The problem? What, as you already know, is a very dirty material and it is difficult to keep clean. You could put carpet in one part of the room, if you want it to be a separate area. But if not, it is better to use carpets to cover the floor than this material. So, you only have two options left: choose wood or tile.   A wood floor is warmer and more pleasing to the eye, while a tile floor may be cooler, but there are more options to match walls. How do you know which one to choose? Among other things, the size of the room. Wood is better in small rooms, because there is continuity with the corridor. On the other hand, in the big ones, the tiles are better, being able to choose a darker tone if the color of the romantic bedrooms in your house is very light. The important thing is to make contrast, and in this the tiles are better. Of course, you can create that contrast with a very dark wood, but very soon you will realize that it does not look as good as choosing a simple tile in a neutral tone.

Lighting up a romantic

bedroom Let's talk now about what lighting will be for the romantic bedrooms of your home. You are still a little worried because you have seen designer lamps, and they surely are not cheap. Quiet, there are ways to light a romantic bedroom with little money.  

Try to get as much natural light as possible

We know that you will be limited by community regulations in this regard, but you have to try to get as much natural light as possible into bedroom . If you can only have one window, changes this one for a more modern one, in wood if possible, and in white, with a slightly more “current” opening system. If your bedroom faces a patio, why not make a door that opens onto it? Or, if it is connected to the terrace, you could change the window for a door to go out to it in the morning . Of course, this is only for double bedrooms, in the case of children's and youth bedrooms it is better to continue with a traditional window.

Artificial lighting

Let's move on to what artificial lighting will be, starting with the ceiling light. It is true that romantic bedroom lamps are eye-catching and have peculiar and beautiful shapes. What's more, are usually made of iron, have several arms or small details of glass. They also have another peculiarity: that they are very large. And are you going to put a big lamp to light up a small room? Of course not. If the room is small, choose a lamp with iron arms, in black or in metal, that only have two bulbs. No more is needed. If it is large, is looking for a bigger one with some crystals falling from the arms, which will slightly boost the light power of the bulbs. Now you don't have to put a lamp on the ceiling. You can put lamps on the walls of the headboard of the bed that are lit from the door switch and can be turned off from the sides. This way you will leave the ceiling free and the lamp will not seem that "it is eclipsing the space". For the bedside table lamp, look for one with a long base, preferably metal, with a slightly raised and rough shade, although it may have a slight floral touch if desired. Of course, if you end up putting a lamp on the headboard wall, why do you want it?

Furniture for a romantic

bedroom We could say that about 30% of the weight of the decoration falls on the furniture. So you're going to have to choose each piece of the bedroom very carefully, okay? Let's see what you need for this space!  

What is the best material for furniture?

Undoubtedly wood becomes the main protagonist, leaving iron second. You can combine both elements, for example, a wooden bedside table with iron handles, or introduce the second material through accessories.


A romantic bedroom bed can be a bit simple ; simply a bed base with its metal legs or a floral upholstered base. But if you want, can also be a bed with a chest. They are used a lot in romantic small bedrooms, to get some storage space. Of course, if you want it to be a bedroom with a romantic vintage decoration, you have to buy a bed with an iron base, with headboard and footrest in cast iron . Everything will have to be one piece. Although, this option is a little more expensive, so think about it, although in a children's bedroom they are luxurious.

bedside tables

Clearly, both you and your children are going to need a nightstand. But how are these? Well, you usually bet on the bedside tables with long legs, with one or two drawers. Generally blank, but wood color is also accepted. For a children's bedroom would be allowed to be in pink, blue, greenish or in a slightly more “garish” tone, as long as the walls are white or a dark pastel shade. If you need to have a lot of things on the nightstand, you can buy a slightly larger one, with three or four drawers, but with a classic design, with ring-type iron handles. It would be interesting if it had curves at the bottom, and with cylindrical legs, to introduce different shapes in the decoration of the romantic bedroom.

The Wardrobe

The wardrobe theme can be a bit tricky, given that these types of romantic bedroom furniture are simple . Made of wood, with visible legs (leaving a good gap between the base of this and the ground) and generally for a single person . In addition, they are staked by having moldings on the top that form arches or other striking shapes. For a child's or adolescent's bedroom it may be fine, but for an adult? Clearly you were going to be short on space. This is why built-in wardrobes are often used in decorating romantic double bedrooms. With the doors painted in white, or the same color as the walls to have an invisible wardrobe, so it does not take up space in the rest of the room. A very good option for both a small and large bedroom. What's more, if the bedroom is large, you could allocate part of your budget to make yourself a hidden dressing room, and have a separate area in which to change.  

One sideboard with mirror

Instead of buying a dresser, you could buy a sideboard with large drawers for to store all the bedding, and part of your clothing that does not fit in the wardrobe, thus gaining a two-level area with drawers to store jewelry and other small accessories . In addition, this will allow you to put a mirror to match the furniture, which will give a slight chic touch to the decoration of the bedroom. It is not mandatory, of course, but a large mirror with a beautiful wooden frame with a little relief will be luxurious . Better on a piece of furniture than on the headboard, as you will have seen in some photos of romantic double bedrooms.  

Or do you prefer a dresser?

You still don't like sideboards and you think a good chest of drawers would be better in your bedroom. Although, if it is for your children's bedroom, clearly the dresser will be a better option. You can choose one with high legs or one that reaches to the floor , which clearly has to match the rest of the furniture. If the handles are buckle type, they will give character to the decoration of the bedroom.  

Accessories in a romantic

bedroom Much of the weight of the romantic style falls on the accessories. However, how many can you have in the bedroom? Just and necessary, so that it is not a too loaded space. Keep reading and find out!    

A canopy for the

bed If the romantic style bedroom furniture has amazed you when you see decoration images of this style, surely the canopies have also caught your attention. Those fabric curtains that can serve to give a touch of a story to your bedroom bed. For an adult bedroom it is usually to hang a canopy from the ceiling so that it falls over the headboard area , while for children a wooden structure is put around it to cover it on the sides. It is an element and very attractive, and it gives a magical touch to the decoration of a romantic bedroom. Of course, it is not mandatory, remember it.  

Pictures for a romantic bedroom

The paintings are never lacking in any decorative style, much less in the romantic one. We will give you the good news that this decorative element, both romantic pictures for double bedrooms and for your children, do not have to have large frames. In fact, they can be more modern paintings, hanging only the canvas on one of the walls. Or you can be more traditional, putting a beautiful image of angels or a landscape on the headboard of your bed. As for the type of frame, would be ideal if it were made of wood, with touches of gold or metal, flourishes and various shapes. Something that impacts and makes people notice him.  

The headboard

The next essential decorative element for a romantic bedroom is the headboard. They may not be used in the decoration of romantic youth bedrooms, but in marriage rooms they have a great weight.   In wood or cast iron, forming a kind of throne or a simpler form . If you want it to have a special charm, than the top moldings are painted in a brilliant gold tone, it gleams with its own strength. Although, we can already tell you that cast iron headboards are the most demanded by interior decorators. And they are better with romantic paintings for large bedrooms.  

The curtains

We have told you that textiles are very important in this decorative style. And what is usually one of the most important textiles? Exactly, the curtains! You have to buy a set of curtains, some white ones that are thin and others thicker, in a darker shade for the sunniest hours. They can have small details woven on the surface if you want, but if they are smooth, better than better. In addition, the fold of these has to be striking.  

The carpet

As we have mentioned above, it is better to put rugs than carpets on the floor of the bedroom. And while you could put a rug on either side of the bed, isn't a larger rug that covers the entire surface of this better? It can be a very simple carpet, in a creamy tone, with a pile that is not very long. Now, if you like flowers, and the decoration of the walls is simple, look for a rug with a pattern of this style. We guarantee that it will not go wrong!  


Bedding is also very important when decorating a romantic bedroom. Especially the quilt or the duvet, which should reach the floor, not exposing the lower part of the bed. We told you before, remember? If you have chosen wallpaper, the bedding can match, or the textile of the cushions. Don't look for anything too ostentatious. Rather a bedding with a plain background in a blue, green or pink color. Although, if it is a quilt, it can have a beautiful field of flowers printed on it.  

Any plants?

Since natural elements can be introduced through textiles and wallpaper, is not bound to have plants in your romantic bedroom. Now, if you would like to have some green in this one, you could buy a column with a hole for a pot and put a beautiful flower arrangement, or a simple plant near the window. In this regard, do not overheat your head.  

Some extra ideas for decorating a romantic bedroom!

Now you know everything about how to make a romantic bedroom. However, we want to continue helping you so that it is luxurious. "And how?" You may be wondering. Very simple, giving you some more ideas!    

Have you not thought of putting a fireplace?

In many styles it is recommended that there be a fireplace in the master bedroom. The reason? It heats up in summer and adds character to the decoration of the room. Having a romantic bedroom with a fireplace would allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere, introducing the stone in the decoration with beautiful iron doors with glass. Of course, it is a great expense, and the fireplace will require good maintenance if it is wood. Our advice? Put in a gas or electric fireplace. There are small models, designed like old fireplaces, that simulate burning wood inside. And they are cheaper!  

Use wood siding on the walls

It is another option that is sometimes used in the decoration of romantic bedrooms: covering part of the walls with wood, in a off-white tone, painting the other half of the wall or using wallpaper. This element on the walls helps make your bedroom look a little more cozy and pleasing to the eye. Of course, think that later the furniture will not be stuck to the wall. Although, with the final visual result, you will not care much.  

You must be original and seek simplicity

Surely you have noticed that some romantic furniture is very sophisticated and elegant, but at the same time they are quite simple. Well, use that simplicity to create an original and striking space. For example, instead of the classic nightstand, if you are not to have many things in this, , why not put a nightstand with cylinder legs and round base with glass top? On this you will not put any lamp, but you will put a ceiling lamp with a long cable that is at the height of the headboard, and illuminate this area. The headboard? It can be in iron, but have a striking shape, or buy a rug with a pattern that, although it may not seem to fit, will actually seem to be indispensable for decorating your romantic bedroom.  

Illustrations on the walls

Instead of spending your money buying romantic bedroom paintings, why don't you put artwork on the walls of this one? Illustrations that look like they were taken from the 17th and 18th centuries. For example, a vinyl that represents a room of the time with some Victorian chairs, or the drawing of a famous palace with an architecture of that time . Both for the marriage bedroom and for your children, it will be luxurious.  

An independent space?

If you have a large bedroom it would be a shame to leave empty spaces, don't you think? The area near the window can be converted into a reading corner, with an 18th century design chair or with a simple but very elegant desk with a chair in the same style. It will simply be a small decorative touch to a space that can be independent in the room. How could you make it independent? Putting a different carpet on the floor, or painting the walls of that area in a different color, for example.  

So you can save money decorating a romantic bedroom!

With everything we've taught you about decorating a romantic bedroom right now your wallet must be shaking because of the big budget you're going to have to get, right? Don't worry, there are ways to save a little.    

Find second-hand furniture

Who said you have to buy the new furniture? You can visit second-hand shops and sales portals to save a little money. If the furniture is a little damaged, do not worry, because you can restore it on your own.  

Outlet sections of stores are always there

In the outlet sections of the stores you can get furniture thrown away, literally, priced at . Ok, the furniture is already used or it is possible that it has some small defect ... but, so what? The only one who will know is you.  

The simpler the lamp, the better

As we have already mentioned before, when buying a lamp for your romantic bedroom no it has to be the most "sophisticated or elegant" . It can be a simple one. After all, the weight of romantic decoration falls on the walls and furniture.  

Wallpaper, better than paint?

You already know that painting is not exactly cheap, and it is possible that the color you choose will not convince you once you start painting. So, bets directly on wallpaper, both for introducing shapes and for smooth walls. You will be fully successful with your first choice!  

A simple decoration

Although accessories are important in romantic decoration, it is not good to load the bedroom with too many accessories. Choose inexpensive accessories that add something to the bedroom. No paintings with huge frames, fill the walls with photos or put several rugs scattered around the room ... only what you need and that is aesthetically pleasing.