▷ 19 ideas to get a spectacular room in small spaces

  Do you have a tiny bedroom and you don't see the way to take advantage of it? No matter how small the space is, there is always a practical solution to use to make it functional and highly aesthetic. We are going to explain how to get some good spectacular bedrooms with a few ideas. Are you ready? Keep reading and you will see!

Don't underestimate the open concept

Why does everything have to be divided by walls? You should not underestimate the potential of the open concept . You can divide a small room with a wall, covering only half. Thus, you have a divided space for the bedroom and another to put a small office or a living room for your personal leisure: playing the console, reading books, a work table to carry out your studies or finish the work you take home from the office.


tiered room It doesn't take much to introduce this into your home décor. It is enough to put the bed a little higher than the rest of room . Raise a small wooden platform, on which the bed will be found. But it is not high, but just inside the platform. The platform, about 60-70 cm high, can have closets or open spaces to put books or store clothes.

The use of bunk beds

  Is the small room for your children? There is no easier solution to save space than putting 6g7 bunks! Each one will have their bed and there will be plenty of space in the rest of the room to put other furniture. What's more, there are bunk beds with very modern designs, which have some accessories to offer them a little more privacy.

train beds The bunks are fine, but what if there is a better option for a spectacular room for the kids? As for example the train beds. These, as a general rule, are sold with a wardrobe, drawers and a desk. Everything in one set! The perfect solution to fit in a small room, and with which you will save a lot. If you have more than one child, it is the solution you need!

Slightly smaller furniture

Do you want to get a spectacular bedroom where everything is in its place and not feel cloistered in it? You have to take into account the proportionality of the furniture compared to the size of the bedroom! Furniture that is a little narrower and with just enough space to store all your things. That the furniture is a little smaller will help you a lot to save space.

A set for bedroom

Since the space you enjoy is not too wide, you will have to take advantage of every inch of the room. The perfect solution for this type of rooms? Buy a set of furniture. For example, a set to put in a corner, with a box bed, shelves that go up the headboard and feet of this and some upper cabinets to get some storage. In addition, in the headboard area you can get open spaces to store your books.

Loaded but functional

Are you not overwhelmed by being in a room that seems very narrow as long as it is functional? Perfect! This idea for a spectacular room will enchant you!   Cover a whole wall with furniture, leaving a space under it for the bed. On the wall of this, try to have built-in wardrobes. Next to the bed, a desk table with a chair. How will you achieve the things you keep on top? Simple, with a ladder! You can buy it with wheels or you can move it by pushing it easily. It is ideal if you live alone in a very small room right now!  

Modular furniture is always a

option   There are not too many small spaces, just minds unable to see the full potential they have. You can buy modular furniture, to fit them little by little into the space. Instead of buying a whole set, you can buy only the pieces that you will need for each side of the room . It will be like assembling a puzzle!  

All Bedroom Blank

We have already mentioned this to you on more than one occasion: in small spaces it is best to make the most of white. Not only painting the walls, but also the furniture, the windows, the doors, the floor, the bed sheets ... White is a color that can help you think that the space is bigger than it really seems. A visual effect that you will appreciate every time you are in the bedroom!  

Folding beds should be a

option Is the room too small and the bed takes up too much space? There is a solution: that the bed disappears during the day. When the room is very small, folding beds are a very practical and functional option. For both a double bedroom and your children's bedroom, you should consider this option. It is very practical and quite cheap!  

You have to be creative

What is going to be the biggest challenge your mind faces? That of getting everything you want into a small space! But, if there are people who are able to build a complete house in a 40 m2 mini-house, aren't you going to be able to make a spectacular bedroom in a small room?   You have to find creative options that will help you take advantage of the entire space. For example, you already know that, many times, to get storage space, beds are usually bought with a trundle, right? Well instead of a couch you can put a large drawer that opens, on one side. Inside, a storage system with a roulette wheel divided into several spaces. So you can order the clothes! The closets? They are narrow with bars that can slide down, or use the same rotation system, to fit as many clothes as possible. Putting built-in cabinets would be another option to get extra storage space.  

Betting on

minimalism & nbsp;   If you are a person with simple tastes, and who does not have many things, go for a minimalist decoration for the bedroom. A bed, some night tables, a small closet to store clothes ... and voila! You can put the occasional decorative object to decorate the walls, but little else. Now you can use the rest of the rooms in your house to put the rest of your things.  

Use the height in your favor

The room is small… but does it have a high ceiling? You already have the perfect solution to get the most out of it and get a spectacular room! Place a large closet in which to put the bed on top, which you will access with a ladder. Thus, the rest of the room is free to put a desk, a chest of drawers, another wardrobe ... whatever you need!  

Do not overload the walls

As we have said before when talking about minimalist decoration in a small room, you do not have to overload the bedroom walls. This does not mean that you cannot put some accessories such as pictures or photos in the headboard area. If you put some shelves to support them on the walls it will be better than if you hang them, because it will not seem to steal as much space.  

All furniture open, help make the space look bigger!

If you put furniture with doors, it is true that they protect what is inside, but they do not let you see what is inside. And that causes, among other things, that the space seems smaller to you.   So the furniture you buy you should buy fully open; cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves ... that you always see the background. It will help a little to make the room seem bigger than it is!  

A combined

  The room is just over 6 m2 and you don't see a place to put a desk and a bed without it looking like a loaded and overwhelming space? There is a simple and practical solution!   Why not buy a combo? Today in any store you can find a bed combi with a desk. With a simple movement, your bed will become a desk and vice versa. A perfect solution for rooms in small apartments or for a youth room.  

Take advantage of

door frames Don't waste a single square centimeter of your bedroom, no matter how small. Anywhere you can get some storage space. For example, just above the door frame. It is the perfect place to put some shelves to store your books!  

Sliding doors

Why not put a sliding door in the room? Every time you open it, it will occupy a space that you could take advantage of for something else. So adapt the bedroom door to be sliding!  

Some folding furniture

If you don't have enough space, it will be a good solution: a table and a folding chair. When you don't use them, in a corner or under the bed . It is not the most practical solution, but for casual use it is more than enough.