▷ 9 tips to decorate the walls of your house with pictures

  Pictures are the favorite accessory, both by professional and amateur designers, to decorate the walls of a house. In addition, any style can be complemented and decorated with pictures. So that you do not make mistakes, we are going to give you 9 tips to decorate the walls of your house with pictures.  

Size matters

Several small boxes? Just a big one? The key is in the size of the room in which you will put the square. For example, in a living room a large painting is better, just like in the headboard of the master bedroom. Instead, the hallway is perfect for paintings of a standard size, and the kitchen for the little ones.  

Avoid making

holes There are many ways to hang frames without having to resort to the drill. There are several perfect easy hang systems that leave no marks on the walls. Even for the older ones.  

Pictures can be put on

racks It is a mistake to relate “putting a picture” with “hanging it on the wall”. The modern decorative styles bet on the frames supported by shelves and shelves. For example; put long shelves at the entrance of your house (if it is a hallway) and decorate them with pictures. If you have bookshelves around the room, you can put some small pictures, and in front of these the accessories you want. Or vice versa, put the books and in front of them a beautiful painting.  

Very small squares are better for

ladders Stair walls are usually bland, and very cold if empty. So is the best place to put squares, especially small ones. The most attractive option is to put the squares following the level of the steps, always at eye level.  

Always hang the painting at eye level

You have never asked yourself "what is the ideal height to hang a painting?". This has to be at a height where you can see it well, without having to raise your head too high or lower it. And that height is between 1.50-1.80 meters, taking your eyes as your imaginary line. What are you going to put several pictures? In that case, that the one located higher reaches a maximum height of 1.90 meters, because, if not, you will not be able to appreciate it well.  

Several small squares can be better than one large

  Suppose you are looking for a painting to decorate the headboard of your bed. Why does it have to be a big one? There are very original ideas to decorate headboards with small squares. For example, several small ones can form a spiral, a cross or any other geometric shape. One of the newer trends is to put squares in a horizontal row.  

Small squares can complement a large one

In very large bedrooms and living rooms it does not always give us the feeling that a painting, no matter how large it is, completes the space. Why? Because there is too much space on its sides. The solution is to complement a large square with some small ones of the same theme, placing them in a column or forming a small square. Of course, it is important that the theme is the same, so that it does not clash.  

A box does not always have to be hung with a

frame In decoration, deciding whether to hang a picture with a frame or not depends on the decorative style. For example, in the romantic style, you put frames with frames that have flourishes, while in the Nordic style, the frames are thin, almost imperceptible. If you have a house with a Nordic, modern, minimalist or rustic style, forget about setting a frame. Hang the canvas as is, and it will be luxurious with the rest of the elements of the room.  

Jump from the classics, there are more attractive

options Instead of hanging boring pictures on landscapes, or some famous work, why not get a little out of the established? Buy a wooden box, a triptych, or even signs from old businesses or inspiring messages. They are more visually attractive, and add more to the decoration of your home.