▷ American kitchen: tips to get the most out of space

  American kitchens are in fashion, both for their functionality and for being an option with which to achieve an open and bright space. Would you like to have one? Pay attention to our tips to make the most of the space of a kitchenette!  

Sharing space, but well separated

American kitchens can be attached to the living room or dining room. However, is important to delimit the space of each zone, so that it does not appear to absorb each other. To do so, you can:  

Use the walls

We have already mentioned to you many times that the kitchen walls do not need to be completely covered by tiles. But, in this case, tiles will come in handy to separate mark the boundary of the kitchen. Another option would be painting the walls in a different color . For example, if even with the joint it is a small space, the kitchen walls can be gray and the living / dining room walls white. Strong colors like orange, green, or blue can come in handy if the space is very large.  

The floor also serves as a dividing element

It is true that when a space is small, even having joined rooms, it is recommended that the floor be the same, so that there is continuity. However, this may also slightly affect your perception of the space in both zones. Our advice? Put a tile floor for the kitchen area, and a wooden or parquet floor for the dining room / living room . Thanks to this, both zones will be well defined, even if they are in the same room.  

You can use a piece of furniture to separate the

zones The other option is to use a piece of furniture that serves as a dividing element. The simplest option is to place a sofa with your back to the kitchen, and near it the island or the dining table. In this way, even if they have the same floor and the same wall color, visually the boundary of one area and another will be well marked.  

With or without an island?

The grace of American kitchens lies, among other things, in being able to have an island that can be used for both cooking and eating . Now, put one in your kitchen? We are going to leave it in the hands of the space you have. If even after having thrown walls, the space seems reduced to you; set a long dining table for several diners. On the other hand, if it is large, do not hesitate to put a large island, where you can scrub and cook. What do you decide to put an island in your small kitchenette? Try to make have multiple drawers with storage space to store things. And use it to eat, as you will not have space for a dining table.    

Bet on a minimalist style

Although there are no longer walls that divide the spaces, the kitchen will still be small. You simply open it to create a greater sense of spaciousness. For this reason, tries to decorate it with a minimalist style so that it does not seem very loaded . What do you want to have cabinets on the walls? Try to open them, or if they have a glass door to see the interior and give the feeling of spaciousness. The other option would be to place shelves to put the products. Although it may not seem like it, it is a very attractive option.  

Home appliances in column

Instead of having appliances scattered around the kitchen and taking up space, why not put the microwave and oven upright? Thus, will leave space on the counter for small appliances such as the toaster or the coffee maker. Now, if you install a large piece of furniture, with a lot of space, small appliances can have them inside, being hidden.  

The kitchen layout

eye! Just because you are going to install a kitchenette does not mean that you can distribute the furniture as you want. A bad layout will mean having a poorly functional kitchen. Our advice is that bet on a distribution in I , to give fluidity to the space. Or, if you can take advantage of one of the walls, installs a kitchen on L . But never put an American kitchen in a U.